Favourite Sports Supplements for your Goals

Sports supplements can help you get the result you want and work so hard for. Adding supps to your health and fitness goals can be very useful, from boosting your cardio performance to increasing your strength and recharging your energy.

Whether you want to lose weight, get shredded or put on muscle mass and recover better, you can find the right sports supplement to help your fitness journey. Genetix Nutrition has a vast range of supplements to support each individual fitness and health goals. Here are your top fitness goals and favourite sports supplement from Genetix Nutrition.

  • General Health -  looking after your health is essential to keep your body and mind ticking. Genetix Nutrition has carefully crafted popular supplements to help you achieve the best version of yourself. Some of our top 4 supplements include Lean Whey, Marine Collagen+, Multi Max, and Adrenal Code. Adding a protein to your routine is a great way to get in extra nutrients, Lean Whey is a low carb and low-fat protein powder delivering 32 grams of WPI, WPC and casein protein per serving. The Marine Collagen+ is the perfect addition to help support hair, skin, nails, joints and bones. Using type I and III of collagen for optimal support, this formula also contains essential vitamins and nutrients to help you radiate from within. Adding a multivitamin to your daily routine is another great way to get in those essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. Multi Max contains all the vitamins and minerals to ensure your micronutrients are covered. Another favourite supplement that helps with cortisol optimisation is Adrenal Code. This supp includes 4 key ingredients to give your body the support for optimal performance. 
  • Muscle & Strength -  when it comes to muscle and strength goals, having the right protein and amino acids to support your body is a must. Genetix Nutrition's favourite muscle mass gainer, Critical Mass, is a must on your list here. This protein powder is high in calories, carbs and protein, specifically designed to help you put on muscle mass. You'll smash through your gains when you add DAA, a pure amino acid intended to optimise testosterone levels. Beta Alanine is pure and natural endurance maximiser, which is essential to help increase strength and endurance. Another valuable supplement worth mentioning here is Creatine and BCAA from the pure range. When you combine the right sports supplements for muscle and strength, you'll see better results.
  • Diet & Weight Loss - if your goal is to lose weight, Genetix Nutrition has some of your favourite weight loss supplements. Our favourite fat burning protein, Lipo Fyre, it has all the essential protein and amino acids. This protein also has added fat burning ingredients to turn the heat on when you want to burn those extra kilos. Add in the favourite fat burning supplement Hydroxy Lean, and you'll have the magic supp stack to lose weight. To top all that your body needs to recover, Revive is the perfect supp to help you restore, repair, and recover. When your weight loss plateaus, it's time to look into some of our favourite sports supplements to give you a helping hand. Genetix Nutrition has the right combination for your goal. 
  • Functional Fitness - have you ever wondered which supplement you should be taking after a WOD (Work Out of the Day? Genetix has the top three supplements to help you get through a tough session. The popular 8 Hour Night protein is excellent to be added to your night routine. This slow-release protein will deliver all your essential nutrients to help your body repair and recover. The recovery amino acid formula, Revive is an excellent addition during training. It gives your body all the amino acids you need for hydration, repair and recovery. If you want to take your energy sky-high, then Stim FX is for you. This pre-workout will deliver power, endurance and pump while working out. Take your competitive edge to new heights with Genetix Nutrition functional fitness supplements.

Supplements for Energy, Endurance and Recovery

  • Energy & Endurance –  if you are after a hit of energy and endurance, whether you are working out or not, then Genetix has some top supplements to help. Starting with Revive Energy, this formula combines all the essential amino acids with a hint of energy so you can have it before or during your workout. The favourite Genetix pre-workout, Pre Fx, will give you the ultimate energy booster so you can smash through some of your most challenging sessions. If you are after mental endurance and energy, then Neuro Code is the nootropic supplement for you. With the right supplements in hand, you can perform and recover to your best potential so you can be on top of your game. 
  • Recovery & Aminos – after a hard session, you might feel like you just need to rest, and all the work is done and dusted. But your work is just about to begin. Your body needs the proper recovery to perform to its full potential every time you hit the gym. Genetix Nutrition has a range of products specifically designed to help you recover to your best so you can hit the gym the next day fresh and strong once again. The pure supplement BCAA from the Pure Series is a great way to add branched-chain amino acids to your protocols to help with muscle recovery and delayed muscle fatigue. Another excellent supp to be added to your routine is ZMA, a formula specifically crafted to help your body rest and recover and promote restorative sleep. L-Glutamine is another Pure Series supplement that has excellent recovery benefits.