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Take your game to the new heights with Genetix Nutrition’s Athletics Sports Supplement guide, with performance supporting products including protein powders, creatine and pre workout supplements.

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Athletic Sports: Track & Field, Jumps, Throws

When it comes to achieving performance goals, people who partake in Athletics Sports need added assistance. Unlike regular athletes, sports like Track & Field, Jumps and Throws can require extremely varied training routines based around different requirements. From explosive strength to prolonged performance training, the correct supplementation can provide a huge aid. 

Supporting performance and muscle recovery is vital for athletes performing in Athletics Sports. Lean WPI and Lean Whey offer two of the best sources of high quality protein to aid continued performance. Another supplement that supports the recovery of muscles along with endurance and strength is Creatine. For a supplement that has a wealth of research proving its effects, it is vital to the stack of an Athletics Sports athlete. Other supplements that may be taken in an Athletics Sports stack or separately are recovery-boosting ones like Glutamine, which also supports healthy digestive and immune system function. 

Revive and Revive Energy are vital for maintained training, providing a branch-chain of amino acids for supporting performance and reducing muscle fatigue. While Glyco Load supports recovery and growth with a pure carbohydrate formulation that aids the body's glycogen levels. A way to ensure further performance results is the addition of a pre workout to set you on the right track for reaching your goals before your workout. Stim FX provides the body with a natural energy boost to achieve this. 

For Athletic Sports like Jumps and Throws, it is crucial to support the growth and recovery of muscles for continued improvement in results. Adrenal Code Zen assists in the areas of recovery and performance with its unique blend formulated for supporting healthy stress response. Another way for participants to support their bodies is with ZMA Pro. This supplement assists the nervous system health, and immune system health and supports muscle function. There are also additional benefits that a multivitamin can offer in keeping your body in tip-top shape. Genetix Nutrition has a Women’s Multi Pro and a Men’s Multi Pro designed to aid both genders' general health for great results.

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Athletic Sports are often grouped into competitions containing separate events. These events include Track & Field, Jumps and Throws. Athletes who partake in these sports need to replenish their nutrients for maintained performance. A range of multivitamins, recovery supplements and protein powders are a great way to consistently get the best results from training and performance.

The best supplements for Athletic Sports are ones that support all areas of pre, intra and post-exercise. We recommend an amino acid formula that aids in recovery, a pre workout that supports you in getting the most out of each session and multivitamins that ensure you come back stronger.

If you partake in Athletic Sports that require cardio, protein could be crucial to achieving your goal. Lean Whey and Lean WPI have a variety of benefits for achieving your fitness goals. Lean Whey offers support to the lean muscles in your body while also aiding your body's recovery after those tough sessions. While Lean WPI has the similar benefits of supporting lean muscle gain with a rapid-releasing formulation that is virtually free from fat and carbs. They also both have the ability to support immune health and leave you feeling fuller for longer, vital aspects to achieving your fitness goals.

It’s always best to consult with your club or physician to ensure that you’re using supplements that are safe and compliant with your specific sporting regulations. If competing professionally, please be aware of any prohibited ingredients relating to your sport.

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