How was Genetix Nutrition Started?

We were created by former Australian and World Champion Bodybuilder Grant Mayo. More than 10 years ago, Grant saw a gap in the sports supplementation market and cleverly started Genetix Nutrition. Because he’s a bodybuilder champion, he knows a thing or two about supplements, so it made sense to create Genetix. 

How are we different?

Each product developed by Genetix Nutrition is done with thorough research to ensure the most incredible product quality and performance. At Genetix, we bring together and formulate only the best quality sports supps. We go through a rigorous process before you get to enjoy our range of supplements. Using only the highest quality ingredients and manufactured in a GMP Nutraceutical facility to deliver a premium product. 

We deliver high-quality supplements specifically designed for your individual goals. Here’s a breakdown of our categories.

Genetix’s Favourite Sports Supplements Categories:

  • Protein Powders– our range of protein powders tailors to all fitness and health goals. This essential macronutrient is a must to help build, repair, and recover muscle tissue. Lean Whey and Lean WPI are two of our most popular protein powders due to their high protein, low carb and fat content. If you are looking for the ultimate muscle mass gains, then Critical Mass protein is a must – high in calories, protein and carbs. This is the complete weight gainer product. Lipo Fyre is your go-to protein, packed with all essential protein and specific fat burning ingredients to give you a lean and ripped body if you are on the shred. Craving a sweet at night-time? Then the Lean Dessert protein is a must on your shopping cart. This protein delivers a slow-release protein, which is perfect to be taken at night-time. The 8 Hour Night protein powder is a slow-digesting protein ideal for night-time muscle repair and recovery.
  • Pre-Workout – Genetix’s pre-workouts will give you the energy, endurance and performance needed to smash out the most brutal workouts. This is Australia’s favourite pre-workouts, carefully formulated to help you perform to new heights. The popular Pre FX is the ultimate high-performance pre-workout. Delivering 275mg of caffeine per serve and other essential ingredients to help you pump out as much rep as possible. The other favourite pre-workout is Stim FX, carefully formulated to support muscle pump, performance, endless energy and unstoppable strength. You won’t regret adding a pre-workout to your next session.
  • Amino Acids – the building blocks of protein, amino acids are crucial, and they play a vital role in your body. They are involved in many body processes, including hormones, building protein and neurotransmitters. Genetix Nutrition’s amino acids range includes all your essential and non-essential amino acids in a tub. You can add this great supplement before your workout, during or post-workout. Revive is your all-rounder BCAA formula containing everything your body needs for optimal performance. Revive Energy is your go-to amino formula if you need a hit of energy. It includes all essential and non-essential amino acids plus caffeine to give you the right energy hit before your workout. This category also includes all the Pure Series supplements from Genetix Nutrition.
  • Pure Series – in this category, you’ll find every single ingredient in its pure form, with no added fillers or BS. Genetix has crafted these pure supplements to help you maximise your goals. With this sports supplement range, you’ll know precisely what you put in your body. You can effectively control each dose of each individual ingredient. Genetix’s Pure Series is your new best friend if you want something pure and clean. You can find L-citrulline, L-glutamine, BCAA, Beta Alanine, Creatine, Acetyl L-carnitine, DAA, Glyco Load and L-carnitine.
  • Fat Burners– if you are on the brink of trying to shred that last bit of fat from your body but need a helping hand, then Genetix’s popular fat burners are a must in your arsenal. With Shred FX, you will maximise your results with calorie processing support, sustained energy for greater fat loss, and a healthy metabolism. On the other hand, Hydroxy Lean has carefully picked ingredients to support clean, good and long-lasting energy to take your fitness journey to new heights. If you are on a mission to shred and hit those wanted weight loss goals, Australia’s top fat burners should be in your routine now!
  • General Health & Wellness – looking after your health and wellbeing shouldn’t be complicated, and that’s what Genetix Nutrition has done! The team has crafted a range of essential vitamins and supplements to support general health and wellbeing. With the must-haves Multi Max for men and women, these two will give your body all the daily vitamins and minerals for optimal health. The Adrenal Code in this category will deliver essential minerals to the body to support cortisol optimisation, so you can be your best version. The perfect inner beauty supplement is here too, Marine Collagen +. This marine collagen supplement delivers all the essential collagen types I and II and combines vitamins and minerals for the ultimate skin, nails, hair, joint and bone support

Are you ready to experience Australia’s favourite sports supplement brand? Shop by your goals or categories.