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Core Series Supplements

Genetix Nutrition understands that each health and fitness journey is unique. The Core Series contains five of their best protein supplements to suit your goals plus a multivitamin to suit men and women’s unique needs.

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The Genetix Core Series represents the best range of protein powders for your body composition goals, as well as our uniquely formulated Men’s and Women’s Multi Max Vitamins to support your overall health and wellness.

If you’re looking for a superior protein powder that contains a recovery blend to support your muscles, Genetix Lean Whey is one of Genetix Nutrition’s leading protein powders. Lean WPI is perfect for those looking to build quality muscle while keeping a lean body. This super low carb and extremely low-fat protein powder is also suitable to those who are lactose intolerant or have stomach sensitivities. Genetix Lipo Fyre has been crafted with key ingredients to help you achieve your fitness goals, this lean and ripped protein delivers everything you need to get to your dream body. Burn unwanted body fat and say goodbye to those pesky love handles while preserving lean muscle mass when you add Lipo Fyre to your supp stack.

If you want to optimise your gains with a slow-release protein, our smooth and creamy 8 Hour Night Slow-Release Protein has been crafted using the powerful anti-catabolic characteristics of casein protein. And don’t worry, 8 Hour Night contains a high protein, low carb, and low-fat content, helping you stay on track with your body composition goals. The last superstar protein in the Core Series is a big hit with everyone from bodybuilders, tradies and those who struggle to put on weight: Critical Mass! Get this bad boy in your supplement arsenal and get ready to make some serious gains. Your health and wellness journey is not complete without taking your Multi Max vitamins from Genetix Nutrition. Designed and formulated using therapeutically dosed nutrients, the Men’s and Women’s formula supports your health and performance from the inside out!

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