Why shop anywhere else when Genetix Nutrition has everything you need? If you’re looking to pack on muscle, bulk up your frame or shred for summer, our range of sports supplements target specific goals because we understand your needs are personal.

 Meet the Best Sellers at Genetix Nutrition

So, you’ve been eating according to your goals and established a great workout routine, but have you noticed your progress has plateaued? Or is your recovery time taking longer with each session you’re smashing out? Perhaps you’re a regular sports supplement user but you’re just not getting the results you’ve worked your butt off for? It might be time to consider a range of supps that have been carefully crafted using the latest in science and technology to deliver astounding results. And the best part? The Genetix Best Sellers range has been bought and loved by thousands of Aussie customers who are looking for results and achieving them too!

Lean Whey – Arguably the most popular product in the Genetix range, this 100 percent lean whey contains the finest whey protein from New Zealand and is ultra-high quality and refined. Loaded with BCAAs and naturally occurring Glutamine, you’ll notice an improvement in your recovery time. If you want to increase your protein intake plus build lean muscle mass, then 100% Lean Whey will be your new go-to protein powder. With a wide range of delicious flavours, the only problem you’ll have is choosing which one is your favourite.

Lean WPI – If you’re looking for a clean, low carb and low-fat Whey Protein Isolate, you’ve found the crème de la crème! Lean WPI has been carefully purified and contains high levels of naturally occurring amino acids, making it a superior choice for elite athletes, body builders and gym enthusiasts. This 90% pure WPI is easy to digest, is stacked with BCAAs and promotes muscle repair and recovery.

Creatine – This is one of the most well-researched and effective supplements and has been proven to help performance and increase lean mass. Creatine produces energy at a rapid rate during intense activity which results in explosive and powerful workouts like never before. Creatine by Genetix Nutrition uses 100% Creatine Monohydrate and is easily mixed with water or in a smoothie.

Revive – This sugar free BCAA formula provides your body with optimal support and recovery so you’re able to improve your performance each time you train. Protein may be important for muscle growth and mass but you also need BCAAs to help you prevent muscle fatigue and reduce soreness. The result? Maximum performance intensity and optimal muscle protein synthesis. Revive also contains a strong antioxidant and recovery ingredient profile so it truly is one of the best recovery formulas you can take.

Hydroxy Lean – Not all fat burners were created equal and Hydroxy Lean is a market leader in clean, long-lasting energy that will help you achieve those body goals without leaving you a jittery mess! Hydroxy Lean is stacked with acetyl l-carnitine and a combination of natural ingredients that provides a sustained energy boost without the awful crash afterwards. Get the body of your dreams when you add Hydroxy Lean to your healthy diet and exercise program.

Pre-FX – Are you ready to kick some serious goals and workout harder, faster, and stronger than ever before? Genetix Pre FX is the pre workout supp you’ve been missing out on. Give mediocre performance the flick and start seeing some proper results when you include Pre FX in your stack. Formulated with clinically researched ingredients combined with a top-notch stimulant matrix, this pre-workout delivers long-lasting energy and maximal pumps.

 Marine Collagen – If you want to truly look after your health and wellness, it’s time you improve your inner health with Marine Collagen + by Genetix. Made using rapidly absorbed marine grade collagen, this formulation supports your gut health, strengthens nails, skin, and hair, and supports stronger bones, joints and tendons. Each scoop of Marine Collagen + will deliver everything you need to radiate your glowing beauty every single day.

Shred FX – Whether you’re shredding for the wedding or getting into tip top shape for your next holiday, Shred FX is here to put all the pieces of your weight loss puzzle together. This potent fat burner supports calorie processing while providing long lasting energy through its multi-dimensional formulation. Improve your performance and endurance while supporting your cognitive function and watch that fat melt away when you combine Shred FX with your personalised diet and workout regime.

Lipo Fyre – This breakthrough fat burning, muscle building protein powder contains a high protein matrix of fast and medium digesting WPI and WPCs that provide a sustained energy release while curbing those cravings. Each scoop contains fat stripping compounds with a high protein, low fat profile that supports your needs in one convenient daily formula. If you want to combine your protein intake with a fat burner, Lipo Fyre has got you covered.

Critical Mass – If swole is the goal and making gains is your game, Critical Mass offers a high calorie and high protein solution that will see you packing on some serious mass. With a whopping 33.5g of protein and 36.9g of carbs per serving, this superstar lean mass gainer is the perfect partner for your weight gain mission.


With over 13 years in the sports supplement industry, Genetix Nutrition knows that everyone’s health and fitness journey is unique which is why it’s easy to tailor your specific goals and supplements to work synergistically with each other. Our range of Best Sellers brings you Australia’s favourite supplements so you can shop with confidence and start seeing the results of your hard work.