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Active Series Supplements

Optimise your fitness and health goals with Genetix Nutrition's Active Series supplements, designed to support performance, endurance, recovery and strength so you can reach your goals.

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Genetix Nutrition's Active Series is complete with all your essential sports supplements to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. The Active Series range has Australia's favourite sports supplements, including the best pre-workouts, ultimate fat burners, performance nootropic, sleep and recovery support and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

Take your workouts to new heights with Genetix Nutrition's pre-workouts, including the best-selling Pre Fx and Stim Fx. Two formulas designed to give you energy and stamina plus handpicked ingredients to deliver pump, endurance and performance. If you need to maximise your training, adding Revive to your protocols is a must. This advanced BCAA formula contains all the essential ingredients to promote optimal muscle protein synthesis. The Revive Energy formula is the perfect combination of BCAAs and energy due to its caffeine in the formula.

Genetix Nutrition's fat burners supplements are a must if you want to shred some serious fat! Hydroxy Lean is a formula that delivers good, clean and long-lasting energy plus essential ingredients to support calorie processing and weight management goals. The other favourite fat burner from Genetix is Shred Fx, a complete for4mula with optimum doses of ingredients designed to support metabolism and calorie processing.

You will find the best nootropic formula in the Active Series, Neuro Code. This performance nootropic contains ingredients to help stimulate clear thinking and improve mental focus. You'll experience optimal brain function, sharpness and attention to keep those brain juices flowing all day long. The Adrenal Code formula will support cortisol optimisation for best performance in and out of the gym.

For recovery and sleep support, Genetix Nutrition has a complete formula with ZMA. This formula contains essential ingredients to support your body to rest and recover, so you keep your body in check with your goals.

Staying active and healthy is a must and having the right sports supplements to support your journey is one of the steps. Explore the Active Series range now! Genetix Nutrition Active Series has a wide range of supplements carefully designed to support your fitness and health goals. 

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Everything you need to know about our products. Can't find the answer you are looking for? Contact Us and our friendly team will be able to assist you.

Yes, BCAA supplements are a great way to help decrease muscle fatigue and soreness and improve muscle synthesis (build muscle). Branched chained amino acids are made of three amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine.

Pre workout supplements are great to help you optimise your exercise performance. They are carefully formulated with specific ingredients to support endurance, strength, pump and performance so you can push your body to the limit. By doing this, you will see better results in and out of the gym. Genetix Nutrition's Pre Workouts will help you deliver the ultimate performance.

Muscle recovery is essential to help your body replenish so you can keep pushing hard and harder when exercising. Giving your body a chance to recover will see you improve when you exercise. Some of the best recovery supplements include protein, BCAA, creatine, magnesium and fatty acids. Sleep is also an essential recovery tool.

You certainly can use a fat burner supplement as a pre-workout. While pre workouts contain ingredients to support endurance, energy, performance and pump. Fat burners contain specific ingredients to help metabolise fat and caffeine to boost energy. Genetix Nutrition Active Series range has the top Australian fat burners and pre workouts supplements designed to support your goals.

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