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Push your body to peak performance with the Genetix Nutrition Field Sports Supplement guide, including protein powders, recovery, strength and endurance supplements.

















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Field Sports: Soccer, AFL, Rugby League, Cricket, Hockey

For most people, a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle are sufficient to give most people the energy for daily activities. Athletes push their bodies to the limits to reach peak performance in field sports. However, soccer, rugby league, cricket, and hockey players put their bodies through complex and extensive training. It is pivotal to have the right supplementation to support field sports athletes to perform to their best. Genetix Nutrition has a range of sports supplements to help athletes perform at their best.

Adding the right protein powder to support muscle recovery and performance is a must, and Lean WPI and Lean Whey are the highest-quality protein powders in Australia. Another crucial supplement, which is the most researched and has the most benefits, is Creatine. Creatine Monohydrate helps with endurance, strength, and recovery. Some of the other sports supplements used by field sports athletes include Glutamine, which helps with recovery and helps to strengthen the digestive and immune systems.

Field sports athletes should also incorporate some form of pure carbohydrates, such as Glyco Load, to help support growth and recovery while delivering a rapid form of carbohydrate to the body to replenish glycogen. Other supplements that are essential to keep performance while training is Revive or Revive Energy, which are branched-chain amino acids supplements to support performance and help reduce muscle fatigue. A pre-workout can be a great addition to supplement protocols for athletes looking for an energy hit when training. Stim FX will provide the body with the ultimate energy boost to give the motivation for every training session.

Recovery is also a crucial part of a field athlete’s routine. A recovered body will perform to its best when needed. Genetix Nutrition ZMA Pro, helps to support muscle function, nervous system health and immune system health. Another sports supplement that assists recovery and performance is Adrenal Code Zen. This supplement contains a unique blend of ingredients designed to support healthy stress responses in the body. When pushing the body to extremes adding the right multivitamin will help to replenish the body with the right nutrients. Genetix Nutrition has Women’s Multi Pro, specially formulated to support women’s health and Men’s Multi Pro, designed to support men’s health.

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Field sports are generally played outdoors, that includes soccer, AFL, Rugby League, cricket, and hockey. Athletes who play field sports need to replenish nutrients for peak performance. A range of protein powders, recovery supplements and multivitamins are a great start to getting the best out of training and playing.

According to the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS), creatine is a supplement that can support and enhance sports performance and is not a banned substance. Creatine is in Group A of the AIS Position Statement: Supplements and Sports Food in High Performance Sport.

The top 3 supplements that someone playing field sports should consider are protein to help support muscle recovery and growth, creatine for endurance, strength and performance and recovery or multivitamin supplement to replenish nutrient deficiency when exercising.

Pre workouts may be beneficial for field sports athletes when playing. They may boost energy and performance when an athlete needs it most. It’s important to remember that a personalised sports nutrition plan can assist an athlete in optimising the quality and benefits from training, reducing the risk of illness and injury, and performing at their best in the competition arena

It’s always best to consult with your club or physician to ensure that you’re using supplements that are safe and compliant with your specific sporting regulations. If competing professionally, please be aware of any prohibited ingredients relating to your sport.

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