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Muscle and Strength Supplements

Maximise your gains with the right muscle and strength supplements from Genetix Nutrition, designed to support muscle growth, strength, and recovery for optimal muscle gains!

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A strong body is crucial for overall health and athletic activity. Choosing the right supplement to support muscle and strength is critical in your fitness journey. You must have the proper training program, diet and supplements to help you gain muscle and strength. Genetix Nutrition has a range of carefully picked supplements to help you maximise your gains.

If you want to increase muscle mass, you must have the right tools for it. Genetix Nutrition Critical Mass is a high-calorie, protein and carbohydrate supplement specifically designed to help you maximise your muscle gains and strength. This is a complete weight gainer packed with all your essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and non-essential amino acids. This protein powder will help you maximise growth, strength and recovery.

Another highly researched supplement that is crucial for muscle strength and growth is creatine. Creatine supplement helps your muscles produce energy, especially when you are lifting heavy or in a high-intensity exercise routine. Genetix Nutrition has a 100% Pure Creatine formula to support power, strength and performance. This formula has pure creatine monohydrate, which helps to maintain strength and training performance while increasing muscle mass when training.

Most athletes forget another crucial supplement, which helps with muscle breakdown and recovery, the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Genetix Nutrition has a top BCAAs seller, Revive, which contains all the branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine to help stimulate the building of protein in muscle and possibly reduce muscle breakdown.

Adding a pre workout supplement to your pre training plan is a great way to help boost energy, performance and endurance when you need it the most. Stim Fx by Genetix Nutrition is the ultimate pre workout supplement containing specific ingredients to help support endless energy, muscle pump and unstoppable force production.

Build muscle and strength with the Genetix Nutrition supplement range and take your fitness goals to a new level. With selected products to help you grow and build the ultimate body shop the Genetix Nutrition Muscle and Strength Range now!

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To help you increase muscle strength adding a weight gainer such as Genetix Nutrition Critical Mass is a great way to provide your body with essential nutrients to help you build strength and power. Another supplement that is a must for muscle strength is 100% Pure Creatine. This popular and most research supplement is a must in any gym-goer supplement stack.

Building more muscle or weight gain is simply achieved by having more calories in your body than you expand on a day-to-day basis. You need to aim for calorie surplus with a high protein diet and structured training to help you build muscle gain.

Weight gainer protein, 2. Creatine, 3. DAA. These three supplements are great for muscle building when you are looking to start your fitness journey.

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