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Genetix Nutrition Supplement Bundles

Save on your favourite Genetix sports supplements with carefully selected supplement bundles designed to your fitness goals. Enjoy your favourite Genetix products and achieve your fitness and body goals.

Lean Whey Twin Pack

$134.95 $168.85

Hydroxy Lean Twin Pack

$119.95 $148.85

Stim FX Twin Pack

$119.95 $148.85

Shred Pack

$124.95 $158.85

Genetix Starter Duo

$124.95 $158.85

Genetix Weight Loss Duo

$134.95 $168.85

Muscle Pack

$189.95 $248.75

Starter Pack

$189.95 $248.75

Essentials Pack

$149.95 $198.80

Lean Whey Triple Pack

$204.95 $248.80

Lean WPI Triple Pack

$229.95 $278.80

Ultimate Glow Pack

$119.95 $158.85

Lean Whey 4kg Pack

$209.95 $258.85

Lean Muscle Primer Pack

$119.95 $163.80

Gains Pack

$94.95 $118.85

Total Endurance Pack

$74.95 $103.80

Clean Endurance Pack

$154.95 $193.80

Know More About this collection

Enjoy the best supplement saving with the Genetix Nutrition Bundle packs and get one step closer to achieving your fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or boost endurance, the Genetix Bundles will get your supplement pack at the best prices.

If you are starting up, the Starter Pack is your go-to. You’ll get all the must-haves to start your fitness journey, including Lean Whey, Pre FX, Revive and Creatine. The Muscle Pack is your preferred stack if you want to build some serious muscle. You’ll get all the essentials to put on muscle, including Critical Mass, PreFx, Creatine and Revive.

Genetix Nutrition has the right pack for the endurance freaks out there, Clean Endurance Pack. This pack comes with Lean WPI, Pre FX, and Glyco Load delivering your body all the essential nutrients to keep you performing to your best. Hit the ground running with the Pre Workout Trio and enjoy the perfect energy pack with Creatine, L-Citrulline and Pre FX.

The Lean Whey Triple Pack is perfect if you want to get value for money on your protein supplement. You’ll get 3 times the protein powder you need to get you going for a couple of months. The Lean WPI Triple Pack is the perfect rapid-release protein powder delivering extremely low carbs and fat.

Genetix has also crafted a bundle if you want to hydrate your body while burning those extra fat pockets. The Burn & Hydrate Pack comes with the popular Lipo Fyre Protein, Revive and Acetyl L-Carnitine. Give your body some well-deserved rest and recovery with the Genetix Ultimate Night-time Duo. You get ZMA and Lean Dessert Protein to help your body recover and reset.

If burning fat is your goal, Genetix Weight Loss Duo is a must. Here you’ll find the popular Hydroxy Lean fat burner supplement and the super clean and low carb and fat protein powder Lean WPI. Give your body the energy needed to tackle anything ahead with the Energy Pack. This supplement pack has the essentials for the ultimate energy boost, including Revive, Pre Fx and Adrenal Code.

Some other popular Genetix packs include Gains Pack, where you’ll find the complete weight gainer Critical Mass and 100% Pure DAA. The Genetix Starter Duo is another great pack to get you started coming with Lean Whey and Pre Fx.

Shop the latest Genetix Pack for the best savings on your favourite sports supplements. 

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You can save anything between 5% to 10% on sports supplements when you buy in a bundle. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or improve endurance, there’s a supplement pack for every fitness goal. Genetix Nutrition has carefully crafted the perfect bundle for your specific goal.

Protein is a must when you want to build on muscle mass. Genetix Nutrition has crafted a weight gain bundle to suit your needs. The Gains Pack and the Muscle Pack are perfect for those people looking to put on muscle. The Muscle Pack comes with a complete weight gainer - Critical Mass, a must-have pre-workout – Pre FX, the popular 100% Pure Creatine and the advanced BCAA formula – Revive. The Gains Pack comes with the complete weight gainer - Critical Mass and 100% DAA for the ultimate gains.

For weight loss, Genetix has two bundles specifically designed to help you lose weight. The Burn and Hydrate Pack comes with the popular Lipo Fyre protein powder, revive and 100% Pure Acetyl L-Carnitine. While the Genetix Weight Loss Duo comes with Lean WPI and Hydroxy Lean.

If you are starting your fitness journey, the Genetix Starter Pack is the perfect bundle. Here you’ll get Lean Whey, a premium protein powder, Pre Fx pre workout, Revive BCAA formula and 100% Pure Creatine. This is the perfect bundle to support explosive pumps and power, support lean muscle growth and recovery, promote optimal muscle protein synthesis, and maximise your training.

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