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  • Burn & Hydrate Pack

    Burn & Hydrate Pack

    Do you need that extra push to achieve that lean body? Genetix Burn & Hydrate Stack is the perfect pack to help you optimise your fitness and health goals. With...
  • Clean Endurance Pack

    Clean Endurance Pack

    Are you looking for the ultimate Genetix Clean Edurance Stack? This complete pack contains all your essentials to help you reduce stress, prevent adrenal over stimulation and to enhance muscle...
  • Energy Pack

    Energy Pack

    Do you want performance at your peak without compromising your health? Genetix Energy contains the perfect combinaiton of supps to support energy, pumps and performance while supporting cortisol optimisation. Greater...
  • Essentials Pack

    Essentials Pack

    Are you starting your fitness journey and need a little push with all your essentials? Genetix Essentials stack has all the supps you need to help you begin your journey....
  • Gains Pack

    Gains Pack

    Do you want the perfect muscle mass builder stack? With a combination of a high calorie protein – Critical Mass and a testosterone support supp – DAA, Genetix Gains Pack...
  • Genetix Starter Duo Genetix Starter Duo

    Genetix Starter Duo

    Do you want a starter pack to help you achieve your fitness and health goals? The Genetix Starter Duo has two essential supplements to help you ignite your fitness journey....
  • Genetix Ultimate Night-time Duo Genetix Ultimate Night-time Duo

    Genetix Ultimate Night-time Duo

    Give your body the nutrients it needs for deep and restful sleep with the Genetix Ultimate Nighttime Duo. This bundle delivers all the essential nutrients to help your body recover,...
  • Genetix Weight Loss Duo Genetix Weight Loss Duo

    Genetix Weight Loss Duo

    Take your weight loss game to a new level with the Genetix Weight Loss Duo. Combining two products targeted to help with calorie processing and body composition goals, you will...
  • Hydroxy Lean Twin Pack

    Hydroxy Lean Twin Pack

    Need to optimise your results for the ultimate shred? Genetix has carefully crafted the Genetix Twin Shred Pack so you can achieve anything you put your mind to it.This ultimate...
  • Lean Muscle Primer Pack

    Lean Muscle Primer Pack

    Get your hands on the ultimate Lean Muscle Primer with the latest bundle of supps from Genetix. Support your body to add lean muscle mass while improving recovery time when...
  • Lean Whey 4kg Pack

    Lean Whey 4kg Pack

    Do you want to optimise your fitness results? Genetix Lean Whey 4KG has everything you need to get the lean muscle mass while supporting performance and recovery. This pack comes...
  • Lean Whey Triple Pack

    Lean Whey Triple Pack

    Are you looking for the ultimate protein pack to optimise your goals? Genetix 3-Pack Lean Whey (30 serves) comes with triple the protein to achieve your fitness and health goals....
  • Lean Whey Twin Pack

    Lean Whey Twin Pack

    Are you looking to optimise your performance? Genetix Lean Whey Twin Pack has everything you need to maximise your workouts and results. This pack contains double the low carb and...
  • Lean WPI Triple Pack

    Lean WPI Triple Pack

    Do you want to optimise muscle repair and recovery? Genetix 3 Pack Lean WPI (30 Serves) comes with triple of the protein to help you achieve your fitness and health...
  • Muscle Pack

    Muscle Pack

    Do want to optimise your muscle growth and recovery? Genetix Muscle Stack contains four potent formulas to help you make some serious gains. Improve endurance and muscle pump Build lean...
  • Pre Workout Trio Pack

    Pre Workout Trio Pack

    Do you need the perfect trio supplement to get through your workouts? The Genetix Pre-Workout Trio is your workout buddy designed to deliver everything you need to smash out the...
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