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Fat Burner

Who doesn’t want to burn fat more efficiently? From trimming down for personal reasons, reducing body fat for an event or just getting better at utilising fat for fuel - we can all use a little help. Burn Code is here!

Genetix Nutrition have crafted a winning combo of ingredients that were selected due to their reputation for working on multiple targeted pathways to maximise fat loss and increase metabolism, while simultaneously providing a strong, yet smooth, energy burst that may provide that “feel good” rush.

Kick-starting the fat burning process is half the battle. Often the first step is dropping our calories and cleaning up our diet. What can come along with that? Think crazy hunger, low mood and motivation and feeling drained most of the time due to the cascade of hormonal and physiologic changes our body experiences when we shift over into the fat burning realm. Burn Code may help with these unwanted side effects and will set you up to smash through any exercise and diet plan in front of you

It’s time to get lean and reach your physique goals.

Some key Benefits

  • May accelerate fatty acid oxidation, liberating stored fat to be used as energy enhancing the fat loss process
  • May increase metabolism which elevates amount of calories burnt, particular during the rest phase
  • May lead to sustained smooth energy release helping you to perform at your peak, torching calories while preserving muscle mass
  • May support your motivation and mood which means a heightened desire to train and train hard
  • May increase ability to stay focused which allows you to make sure every rep counts
  • May help you control hunger and reducing your food cravings

The primary ingredients you will find in Burn Code include:

Caffeine anhydrous is an established performance enhancer, improving cognition (focus & concentration), supressing appetite and has thermogenic properties which all equal fat burning potential

Acetyl-L Carnitine transports fat (to be used as fuel) to your muscle mitochondria, increasing endurance and energy production, while shifting your metabolism over to fat burning mode. Also offers brain performance benefits such as improved memory, learning and mood.

Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG) contains Catechins which have shown to improve lipid oxidation, provide powerful antioxidant benefits and may improve insulin sensitivity

TeaCrine is a known mood and energy enhancer helping to extend the caffeine effects while minimising some of the unwanted side effects such as the crash

 Coleus forskohlii traditional medicine herb which increases cellular cAMP levels which is associated with elevated rates of fat loss

Theobromine natural compound found in tea leaves and cacao plants thought to improve circulation regulate blood pressure, help brain function and function as an anti-inflammatory agent

Final Thoughts

If you work hard and stick to an exercise and diet plan, then supplementing with Burn Code offer a secret weapon that will have you standing victorious on the fat-loss battlefield.


As a dietary supplement, take one serving with a meal in the morning. Once you assess your tolerance one may add an additional serving after lunch. Do not exceed two (2) servings in a 24 hour period.


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